Н. Shpakova


The article deals with the stage of formation of universal indicators of evaluation of biosphere compatible production on the principles of sustainable development. The concept of assessment consists in the universalisation of the assessment criteria adapted to the relevant industry in view of the environmental and economic constraints that operate in accordance with international environmental regulations. The limits of isolation of optimal solutions and algorithm of their estimation are presented. A list of economic and managerial independent factors (indicators) based on commonly accepted accounting indicators is proposed. Factors that impede the spread of best practices for sustainable production in diagnosing environmental and economic compliance are analyzed. On the basis of the analysis of impact factors, a list of coefficients and indicators that integrate the components of the socio-ecological-economic system into a single system of biosphere compatibility assessment and comprehensively characterize production is proposed.

Key words: environmental and economic monitoring, sustainable development, green technology indicators, biosphere compatibility of production.

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