Innovative Solution in Modern Science

Founders: Center for International Cooperation, publishing house "TK Meganom", World Federation of Elite martial Arts

ISSN 2414-634X (online)

Topics: the journal publishes scientific reviews, articles of issue-related and research and practice nature in economics, history, politics, law, philosophy, medicine, psychology, pedagogy and technical sciences.

Founded: 2016
Journal Languages: english, russian, ukrainian

Frequency:  10 times a year


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We invite students, lecturers, PhD candidates, doctoral candidates, Doctors of Philosophy and Doctors of Sciences, as well as researcher scientists to get their articles published in the journal.


Editorial Board:

The Editor-in-chief Waldemar Wójcik, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (Poland);

Economic Sciences

Y. Barsky, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA); 

Nataliya Shvets, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

A. Shevchuk, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

N. Vdovenko, PhD, Doctor, Associate Professor, (UA);

T. Zahorna, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

Historical Sciences

Vadim Orehovsky, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

M. Yuriy, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

O. Bezarov, PhD, Doctor, (UA);

L. Tsyganenko, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

Igor Roebuck, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

K. Nikitenko, PhD, Doctor, (UA);

I. Datskiv, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

Nadiya Cotsur, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

Philosophical sciences

Ramadan Emhemad Jweli Kanan, PhD, Doctor of Philosophy (LY);

M. Chikarkova, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA); 

Olena Andriyenko, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA); 

P. Dulyn, PhD, Doctor, (UA);

Alatoom Mohammad Fayiz Ahmad, PhD, (UA); 

Political Sciences

Valery Kornienko, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

O. Tkach, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

Svetlana Denysyuk, PhD, Doctor, Associate Professor, (UA);

Pedagogical Sciences

Y. Belmaz, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

K. Vlasenko, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

R. Prima, PhD, Doctorб Professor, (UA);

V. Kozhevnikov, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

O. Tarnopolsky, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

I. Poluboiaryna, PhD, Doctor, Associate Professor, (UA);

Psihological Sciences

I. Volzhentseva, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA)

S. Simonenko, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA)

Murat Elioz, PhD, Associate Professor, (Turkey);

Medical Sciences

Mikhail Lebedyuk, PhD, MD, Professor, (UA);

Vasily BocharovPhD, MD, Professor, (UA);

Veronika Bocharova, PhD, (UA);

Larisa Kuts, PhD, MD, Associate Professor, (UA);

Kateryna Kolyadenko, PhD, MD, (UA);

Galina Peklina, PhD, MD, Professor, (UA);

Technical Sciences

Waldemar Wójcik, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (Poland);

V. Baranowski, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

V. Gogo, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

Alatoom Mohammad Fayiz Ahmad, PHD, (UA);

Juridical sciences

I. Krinitsky, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);
A. Gumin, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);


P. Crul, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

Olena Sizova, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (Russia);

Katerina Stanislavska, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

Natalia Prokopova, PhD, Doctor, Associate Professor, (Russia);

Andriy Puchkov, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);

Rusudan Kvaratskhelia, PhD, Doctor, (Georgia);

Evhen Kushch, PhD, (UA);

Oleg Badalov, PhD, (Russia); 

Geographical Sciences

L. Ilyin, PhD, Doctor, Professor, (UA);