I. Mudryk, M. Petryk


The technique is based on a hybrid model of the neuro-system (Brain cortex nodes and tremor-object), which describes on the basis of wave signal propagation the state and behavior of tremor-objects T, namely the segmental de-scription of 3D elements of trajectories of anormal neurological movements of the studied tremor-objects (limb of the hand) taking into account the matrix of cogni-tive influences of groups of cortex neuro-nodes. The rapid analytical solution of the model as a vector function that describes the 3D elements of the trajectories at each movements segment are constructed using the hybrid integral Fourier’s transformations and hybrid spectral function. The main element of the solution is the adaptive infuences matrix  that determines the state parameters of the action of certain groups of brain neuro- cortex. Models and methods of multivariable identification are being developed to investigate their neuro-feedback, which suggest  high-speed parallel computations on multicore computers. This model-ing technology consider as a scientific basis for designing inelidgence information systems of the quality medical diagnostic i of critical neurological diseases.

Key words: Computer simulation, Software system, High-performance compu-ting, Tremor diseases, Modeling of objects and processes, Multi-parameter iden-tification.

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