Ya. Nahrybelniy


The article provides analysis of historical premises and of the process of formation and development of Ukrainian school, national education and traditions, family and civil education of children and youth in Ukrainian lands in 19-20th centuries. Based on the research of historical and pedagogical sources, analysis and synthesis, it was found out that Ukrainian people being the part of Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empires struggled for its right to speak Ukrainian, but governments of both states did what was necessary to eradicate Ukrainian spirit, Ukrainian language an Ukrainian song from the school. Private educational establishments were closed and teachers were harassed by the authorities for providing education in Ukrainian and using elements of Ukrainian social sciences in educational process.

Pedagogical view of outstanding persons of Ukrainian education, literature and clerical elite concerning development of national education system are substantially revealed. Their views on children’s and youth’s education based on humanism, virtues, patriotism, ideas of national originality have become extremely actual in the modern society and should be reconsidered in the context of Ukrainian realia and educational tasks of higher pedagogical school.

Key-words: Ukrainian school, national education, pedagogical views, concepts, regulations, clerical elite.

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