M. Bogomolova


The article reveals the basic approaches of educational figures, government officials, scientists to determine the essence of the family as a social institution of personality education in the 20`s and 30`s of the 20 th century in Ukraine.

The research showed that Ukrainian creators of the system of social education I. Grin'ko, J. Ryappo, M. Skrypnyk, O. Popov and others in their theoretical work revealed social education from different approaches and definitions of system-forming lines: defined social education as a system of education in general; as a upbringing based on social forms of life; recognized that: in the process of social upbringing the child is socialized, social skills are formed; the success of social education depends to a large extent on a wide range of forms and methods of work in a specially organized socio-pedagogical environment; an important place in the socialization of the child belongs to the educational capabilities of the children's team.

All these approaches were considered as the conceptual (theoretical) foundations of educational work in children's educational institutions of different types in the context of the policy of creating their own national educational system.

The scientific search has confirmed that the legal and regulatory framework of the Ukrainian social welfare was developed and adopted, in particular, the "Declaration on the social upbringing of children" (1920) determined not only the peculiarities of the educational system in the 20's of the 20th century in Ukraine, but also the development of the theoretical foundations of pedagogy, which were aimed at solving socio-pedagogical problems in the country during the investigated period and are also relevant today.

The research has shown that modern social problems (child homelessness, unemployment, crime) can be eliminated not only by socio-economic means but also by pedagogical ones as evidenced by the implementation of the concept of social upbringing in Ukraine in the 20-30's of the 20th century. Although this system as a whole was used mainly in the context of political and ideological influence on the younger generation, which led to its destruction.

Key words: family, social education, educationa land educative system, theoretical foundations, conceptual foundations, socialization, social-pedagogical work.


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