O. Vorobyova


This article presents the results of research on the value and target priorities in the quality management process in higher education. It is determined that the quality of education is a mean of development of the individual and society, a condition of trust in the educational sphere, it reflects the degree of conformity of the properties and results of educational processivity to certain norms and standards of education. It is established that the quality is traced in the presence of competencies that characterize the ability of graduates of the institution to effectively pursue professional activity in modern socio-economic conditions.Each specific historical level of the qualitative parameters of higher education is the result of determining the goal, or the spontaneity and purpose of indifference, or the symbiosis of the two previous possibilities. It is necessary to take into account the fact that in the absolute majority of cases the quality of higher education does not have a self-sufficient target status, but rather becomes the context and prerequisite for achieving some other strategic goal of individual or supra-individual (social, cultural, civilizational, global) value. The totality of these circumstances exacerbates the need to analyze the quality of higher education through the lens of a hierarchy of targets. Goal setting is the process of justification and goal setting. And the goal can be achieved by combining objective factors and ways and actions to do so. It is also proved that the structural components of personality, value orientations are the most important component of an individual's organization, his ethical-psychological and intellectual activity. And worldview is a set of views, principles, understanding of the world and program of action and forms the foundation of human consciousness. The acquired knowledge and beliefs, combined in the worldview, form a system of understanding by the man of the world and himself.

Therefore, the quality of education can be ensured if the management system is in place, which involves the organization of a continuous process of influence of the management entity on its object and the appropriate coordination of their joint activities. The process of quality assurance in higher education should be systematic and include monitoring of the educational environment, comprehensive analysis of the factors influencing the quality of education and developing models of quality management of educational services.

Keywords: value, purpose, target priorities, quality management of higher education quality, quality of education

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