S. V. Sytnik


The article presents the results of creating and testing a test questionnaire aimed at assessing interpersonal interaction. Interpersonal interaction is seen as an integration process of the mutual influence of the subjects of the collaborative activity that arises on the basis of communication and relationships. Components of interpersonal interaction were presented, such as: primary contact, communication and interaction. Common and specific signs of interpersonal interaction have been clarified. The former include: objectivity, situationalism, subjective intentions of participants, people contacts, social settings, verbal and non-verbal communication, compatibility; to the second: the possibility of mutual enrichment, which accompanies the realization of the intentions of the subjects, changes in personal characteristics under the influence of this interaction, mutual influence, the attempt to identify specific qualities of each other, reciprocity, mutual understanding, mutual relations, mutual assistance, interconnection, cognition. In accordance with the requirements of psychometrics, a test questionnaire "Interpersonal Interaction Assessment" was developed. Standardization and approbation of the mentioned methodology were carried out, which proved the reliability and validity of the test, which makes it possible to apply it for scientific and practical purposes.

Keywords: interaction, contact, communication, interrelationship, joint activity, reliability, validity.

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