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Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines





In order to submit the article for publication, following electronic documents must be e-mailed:

1. Text of the article meeting all requirements in respect of editing and form thereof (see Article Sample below). File extension: doc.

2. Application (see Application Sample below). File extension: doc.

3. Review by Doctor of Science or Doctor of Philosophy in a relevant field of study. File extension: pdf or jpg, gif.

4. Upon confirmation of article’s acceptance for publication you shall receive an e-mail providing information about registration fee payment. After effecting the payment a scanned copy confirming the said payment must be provided. File extension must be pdf, jpg, and gif.

Files to be submitted must have a name according to sample: Article_Smith, Review_ Smith, Application_ Smith, Receipt_ Smith.


Requirements to the article’s form and editing:

1. Field of Sciences (upper right corner of the page, font: Times New Roman, font size - 14)

2. UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) Index (top left corner of the page, font: Times New Roman, font size - 14, semi-bold).

3. Article Title (centered on the page, font: Times New Roman, font size - 14, semi-bold, all symbols in upper case, up to ten words).

4. Author or authors, information about the scientific degree (left corner of the page, font: Times New Roman, font size - 14, semi-bold), the next line: author’s place of work or study, country, city

5. Summary (indented italics, contains following elements: body of summary including not less than 70 words; in accordance with international scientometric database, the subject and purpose, method or methodology, results and scope of work as well as respective conclusions must be expressed in paper.)

6. Keywords (indented italics, no less than five comma-separated words or phrases). Keywords should not repeat the title of the article.

7. The text in a structured way with distinguished following elements:

7.1. Introduction which includes:

The general formulation of an issue and its relation to important scientific and practical tasks;

analysis of recent research and publications that discuss the solutions to the issue and on which the author relies (with references to used sources included in the text), identification of unsolved aspects of the issue to which the article is dedicated and the relevance of the examined issue.

7.2. Definition of the article’s objective and tasks.

7.3. Description of article’s main material indicating methods and providing full grounding of scientific results.

7.4. Conclusions and prospects for further research in the given field.

8. References. List of references is given after the text of the article headed “References” (using italics, print size - 14, 1.5 spacing). Bibliographical description of the literature sources must be completed in accordance with Harvard system.


Technical requirements to article’s editing and form:

Page Layout - A4 (only book page, album pages are not permitted).

Blank lines, tracking, hyphen, elements of character graphics and other non-text characters are not allowed in the text.

Article’s volume - not less than seven printed pages.

Margins on all sides -20 mm.

Font - Times New Roman (print size - 14), line spacing – 1.5.

Paragraph indention -1 cm.

Number of tabular material must be appropriate. Digital material is given in a table having a serial number (e.g., Table 1) and a title (typed above the table in the middle in bold italics). Illustrations must also be numbered and have titles to be written under each illustration (e.g., Fig. 2).

Formulas are included in the text using formula’s built-in editor MS Equation and numbered on the right.

Drawings made in MS Word must be grouped; they should be a single graphical object. Articles with color drawings will NOT BE ACCEPTED!

Tables, figures are included using in Microsoft Word built-in editor and placed in the middle.

Text in tables and graphs should be typed using Times New Roman font (print size - 12 or 14)

When typing, automatic “soft” hyphenation must be disabled (prohibited "forced" hyphenation – with help of the dash).

References included in the text should be given in square brackets, e.g. [3, p. 35; 8, pp. 56-59], in which the first figure indicates the serial number of the source in the list of references, and the second - the relevant page in this source; one source (with the page) is separated from the other by a semicolon.

All statistical data should be supported by relevant sources.

All quotes should end with a reference to the sources.

Titles of works in the list of references are arranged in citation order.

Authors shall be responsible for the accuracy of terms, names, data, quotations, statistical data etc. set forth in the article.

Registration fee:

The cost of publication in the journal is: 10 US dollars for each page of the text.

For an additional copy of the journal the authors offset the expenses on production and shipment thereof in the amount of 5 US dollars.

Copies of the journal shall be sent to the authors to the indicated address two weeks after article’s submission expiration date.




Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.